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About Our Classes and Programs

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Manhattan Taekwondo Classes are a powerful way to learn self-defense while getting in great shape. Learn kick & punch techniques... blocks, evasions & defense... and gain a combination of ancient and modern techniques and tactics for an awesome experience.

Men & women of all ages are thrilled by the program. No martial arts experience is required. We welcome people of all skill levels here - from total beginners to black belts.

Children Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Parents love these Manhattan Kids Martial Arts classes almost as much as their kids do. That's because children learn important life lessons that help them grow into successful, focused adults, like:

Concentration, respect, confidence & more. Kids gain these life skills every step of the way, while having a ton of fun, and getting in great shape. Self-defense skills are the bare minimum your child will walk away with.

Gracie Jitsu

Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Manhattan Gracie Jiu Jitsu (GJJ) is a truly action-packed martial art, designed to teach you how to handle yourself while standing up... and even while laying on your back.

In each class you'll learn powerful submission & grappling techniques, get awesome conditioning to tone your body, and practice these techniques with your fellow classmates. All experience levels are welcome.

Bully Prevention

Gracie BullyProof

Bullies are insecure, and take away other kids' power to feel like they have power of their own. Our program helps kids feel empowered so they never give away their self-respect to anyone else ever again. Because the simple truth is, when you stand up to bullies with conviction, they back down.

Your child will gain insightful and inspirational knowledge, tactics and techniques to diffuse bully situations before they escalate. And they'll learn how to become a leader-by-example to inspire other kids to do the same. If bullies are in your child's school, then they can't afford to miss this.

About Manhattan

Manhattan is a city located in the northeastern part of the state of Kansas in the U.S., at the junction of the Kansas River and Big Blue River. It is the county seat of Riley County and the city extends into Pottawatomie County. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 52,281. It is the principal city of the Manhattan, Kansas Metropolitan Statistical Area - with an estimated population of 113,629, the Manhattan MSA is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the state.

Nicknamed The Little Apple in 1977 as a play on New York City's “Big Apple”, it is best known for being the home of Kansas State University and has a distinct college town feel. Eight miles (13 km) west of the city is Fort Riley, a United States Army post.

In 2007, CNN and Money magazine rated Manhattan as one of the ten best places in America to retire young. The town was named an All-American City in 1952, becoming the first city in Kansas to win the award.

Manhattan is located in the Flint Hills region of Kansas, which consists of continuous rolling hills covered in tall grasses. However, the current downtown area - the original site of Manhattan - was built on a broad, flat floodplain at the junction of the Kansas and Big Blue rivers.

Manhattan, KS, with surrounding areas in Manhattan, Forty Riley (military base), Wamego, Junction City or Riley County, is home to PhloVibe Martial Arts, a Martial Arts school that focuses on Kids Taekwondo, Adult Taekwondo, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu classes.